Family Law ½-day Conference
Date 28/03/2012
Speaker Professor Thomas MacKay (Psychology Consulting Services); Tom Quail (Partner, Andersons Solicitors LLP); John Fotheringham (Director, Lindsays Solicitors); Shona Templeton (Partner, HBJ Gateley)
Seminar Details Following on from the successful inaugural Royal Faculty Family Law Conference last year, a further Conference is to be held at the Faculty Hall on Wednesday, 28th March 2012. The Conference will be chaired by Tom Quail, Partner and Head of the Private Client and Family Law Department at Andersons Solicitors LLP, Glasgow.

The focus of the Conference is to provide practical, topical and professional advice to Solicitors in the area of family law.

Advice to Solicitors Dealing with Child Contact Disputes - Professor Thomas MacKay will deliver a talk aimed at providing advice to Solicitors in relation to child contact disputes, including dealing with the distress of a child, how parents should speak to their children about separation and when to instruct your expert.

Court Orders, Contact Disputes and Contempt of Court - Tom Quail will provide a talk regarding the issue of contempt of court, the standard for contempt of court, the evidence which would be required to establish contempt of court, the remedies that are available to a court and the penalties likely to be imposed. This talk is against the backdrop of the recent decisions of the Court of Session where penalties for imprisonment have, as a result of failure to comply with orders for contact, been imposed.

Child Support Issues - John Fotheringham will be providing a talk on ten Frequently Asked Questions and queries by family law practitioners in respect of Child Support issues under the Child Support Act 1991.

Running a Family Law Practice for Privately Funded Clients - Shona Templeton will be providing advice and guidance in running a family law practice for privately funded clients. This follows on from last year’s talk by Helen Hughes who discussed running a legal aid family law practice. Shona will discuss issues such as terms of business, payments to account, recovery of fees and managing funds in relation to instruction of other professionals such as Forensic Accountants, Counsel, Psychologists and other professionals.
Seminar Time 9.30am - 1pm (registration from 9am) to be followed by a buffet lunch at 1pm
Booking Fee £100 for members; £150 for non-members (trainees - £30 and £50 respectively)
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