The Future of Missives? The Combined Standard Clauses revisited and Electronic Missives
Date 01/09/2011
Speaker Paul Carnan (Blaney Carnan), Ian Ferguson (Mitchells Roberton) and Paul Logan (Managing Director, Yooseful Technology)
Seminar Details Following their introduction 2 years ago, the Combined Standard Clauses (CSC) have been used successfully by an increasing number of firms across the Central Belt. However, as practitioners know, practice and the law continue to evolve. Therefore, the editorial team behind the CSC have devised an updated version which, once again, has benefited from input form a panel of Conveyancing Professors. The new CSC will be introduced by Paul B Carnan and Ian Ferguson who represent the Royal Faculty on the Editorial Board.

The new Land Registration Bill enables Electronic Missives. But what is an electronic missive? A common misconception is that it is an email. It is not. What are the benefits of electronic missives to Firms and their clients? How can Firms prepare for the arrival of electronic missives? Yooseful Technology is a supplier of software which exists solely to facilitate the electronic conclusion of missives. YT is chaired by Prof Stewart Brymer and lead by Paul Logan.
Seminar Time 5.45pm - 7.15pm
Booking Fee £50 members; £75 non-members; £15 member trainees; £25 non-member trainees
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