Employment Law Half-day Conference
Date Wednesday, 25 May 2011
Speaker John Grant (WJM), Lorna Davis (Macdonalds), Katy Wedderburn ( MacRoberts) and Jim Murphie (Murray Stable)
Seminar Details Key Employment Law Legislative Changes: 2011 - Overview of the key employment law legislative changes which will have taken effect in April and which are due to come into effect in October of 2011.

Found on Facebook, Employment Implications of Social Media in the Workplace

Dealing with the Abolition of the Default Retirement Age - The removal of the Default Retirement Age will affect all employers and those who advise them. This talk will focus on how to navigate the new regulations and provide practical guidance in relation to how they should be dealt with.

Rewriting the Contract of Employment - This talk will consider what limitations there are at common law on the employer’s exercise of the power of unilateral variation and assess how effective these limitations are and will refer specifically to the cases of Bateman v Asda Stores Ltd. (2010) and Malone v British Airways (2010) in which the courts upheld the legality of a clause in the contracts of employment which permitted the employers to vary the contract terms unilaterally.
Seminar Time 9.30am-1pm (registration from 9am) 3 hours CPD time
Booking Fee Members - £100 (£30 for trainees); Non-members - £150 (£50 for trainees)
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This event has taken place.

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