Method or Madness?: a discussion about Bills of the Scottish Parliament
Date 3.2.2011
Speaker Alex Gordon (Depute Scottish Parliamentary Counsel)
Seminar Details The speaker will explain how the Scottish Government’s Bills are prepared for introduction into and progress though the Scottish Parliament. He will outline how Parliamentary Counsel are instructed as a matter of policy and law, the practices adopted by them in drafting legislative provisions and what the drafter seeks to achieve, the means of making external input into proposals for Bills and the Parliamentary process for scrutiny of Bills.
Alex is a solicitor and senior Bill drafter in the Office of the Scottish Parliamentary Counsel (OSPC). He is one of the original members of the office having been there since Devolution in 1999. Among his Scottish Parliament Bills are the Legal Services, Criminal Proceedings Reform and Agricultural Holdings Bills. He has also drafted provisions for a couple of Scottish Law Commission projects. In addition, until recently he was responsible for drafting the Scottish aspects of Westminster Bills.
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