Family Law 1/2-day Conference
Date 25/03/2014
Speaker Helen Hughes (Partner, McAuley McCarthy), Tom Quail (Partner, Wright Johnston & Mackenzie), Sara Matheson (MTM Family Law) and Alistair Sim (Marsh Limited)
Seminar Details The 5th annual Family Law Conference is to be held at the Faculty Hall on Wednesday, 25th March 2015. The focus of the Conference is to provide practical, topical and professional advice to Solicitors in the area of family law.

Civil Remedies - How to Obtain Cases involving Domestic Abuse
(Helen Hughes)
Advice to Solicitors in relation to dealing with domestic abuse issues, the remedies which are available and the advice which should be provided to clients.

Contact Orders and Contact Disputes
(Sara Matheson)
Court orders in relation to contact, contact disputes and contempt of court. How the court are dealing with the spouse who fails to comply with an order of court and the advice that you should provide to a client, normally a father, in relation to a contact order where the mother is not prepared to permit contact.

Recent Cases on Financial Law – Financial Provision
(Tom Quail)
Overview of recent cases. In particular, the implications of recent cases for family law practitioners and in particular the advice that should be provided to clients following upon recent cases over the last few years.

Risk Management for Family Lawyers
(Alistair Sim)
The risk management issues that family law practitioners should be aware of and how to address these to effectively avoid or minimise claims.
Seminar Time 9.30am-1pm (registrtion from 9am)
Booking Fee £100 members; £150 non-members; £30 member trainees; £50 non-member trainees
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