Commercial Property Half-day Conference
Date 16/10/2014
Speaker Eleanor Emberson (Head of Revenue Scotland); Ken Gerber (Partner, Anderson Strathern LLP); Prof Robert Rennie (Partner, Harper Macleod LLP) and Barry Love (Managing Director, Environmental Law Chambers)
Seminar Details This conference will include talks on the following -

· Eleanor Emberson will explore the implications of the new tax regime for commercial property transactions. Focusing, in particular, on the new Land and Buildings Transaction Tax

· Current Issues in Commercial Leases (Ken Gerber)
Now that we are told that we are emerging from the long recession, landlords are likely to harden their position on negotiation of leases and to look harder at enforcement and tenants will be reluctant to give up the softer terms they have seen in the recent past. This talk will cover the following:
Schedules of condition and back letters
Insurance and Uninsured risks
Environmental liability
Inter naturalia

· Update on Title Conditions (Prof Robert Rennie)
Review of recent developments including –
1. Title to enforce after 28th Nov 2014
2. Interest to enforce and the material detriment test
3. Contractual liability in real burdens
4. Applications to the Lands Tribunal.

· Environmental Law for Property Lawyers (Barry Love)
An overview of the areas of environmental law of most relevance to property transactions; update on the Contaminated Land regime; how much/little does a property lawyer really need to know?; Law Society guidance; failure to advise - current position on negligence and inadequate professional services; interface with Consumer Protection regime.
Seminar Time 9.30am - 1pm (registration from 9am)
Booking Fee £100 for members; £150 for non-members (trainees - £30 and £50 respectively)
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