Auditor Service

Tom McCafferty is the current Royal Faculty Auditor. Tom was the Auditor of Court for the Sheriffdom of Glasgow and Strathkelvin from 1993 to February of this year, having been assistant to his predecessor from 1986. He has over 40 years experience in all aspects of legal work during which time he has been an active member of the Society of Law Accountants in Scotland (SOLAS), including serving as General Treasurer and National President. He brings a wealth of experience to the office of Auditor of the Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow.

The Auditor Service provides a fee assessment service (trust and executry, commercial leases, corporate work and general business) to both members and non-members.
• A certificate of fee assessment will be prepared for all accounts issued under the auspices of the Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow.
• If required an Account of charge and discharge will be prepared balancing all the intromissions in the estate.
• A computation of Legal and Prior rights can also be prepared.
• All aspects of capital gains and inheritance tax work including returns.
• In addition to the above, the feeing service offered by the Royal Faculty for private client work offers notes of fee (either by way of certificate of assessment from the Auditor or on a detailed basis). This service is also available for commercial client feeing.

Court Feeing Service

The Court Feeing Service is run along similar lines to the Executry Feeing Service.
Files should be forwarded by firms in the first instance to The Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow, 12 Nelson Mandela Place, Glasgow G2 1BT (DX: GW 197 or LP: 7 Glasgow 7).
One of the benefits of this service will be to ensure that all accounts will be returned within 8 working days of receipt.

Please do not hesitate to contact the auditor by telephone - 0141 353 0774 or email - gro.gpfr|rotidua#gro.gpfr|rotidua

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